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Italy without Sicily leaves you with no real lasting impression.
It is Sicily that is the key to everything (J.W. Goethe).

Thanks to its strategic position, just minutes from Taormina and the Giardini Naxos motorway exit, Diamond Naxos Taormina is an excellent starting point for enchanting voyages of discovery to beautiful locations. It is the perfect place for organizing custom-made incentive trips or for hosting events and important business meetings.

A city of noble origins, Giardini Naxos was the first Greek colony founded in Sicily. In 734 BC, a group of Chalcidians landed at Cape Schisò and founded the city, naming it Naxos after the island in the Aegean Sea. Famous for the temple of Apollo Archegetes, the centre became an important reference point for Greek ambassadors to Sicily. The colony, defeated by an Athenian military expedition, was finally besieged and razed to the ground in 403 BC by the Syracusan tyrant Dionysius the Elder, who built Taormina on the high ground above it. Remains of the ancient city can still be seen in the Archaeological Park, a key site for studying the ancient town planning of Greek cities in the west.

The Hotel is the ideal starting point for wonderful excursions along the Ionian coast, for diving into the turquoise waters of the Bay of Taormina with their emerald reflections, for visiting the 400 BC Roman columns of Cape Taormina or for visiting the beautiful Gorge of the Sirina River, from where you can admire a wonderful view of the city of Taormina and Mount Etna.

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